Easy Time Tracking

Easy Time Tracking 6.0

ETT is a powerful time and expense tracking, billing & timesheet application

Easy Time Tracking (ETT) is a small yet powerful time and expense tracking, billing & timesheet software product.
It has everything you will ever need to help you track your both billing and ‘slack’ hours to make your business profitable as never before. The trade-off is indeed note-worthy: a most decent price, on the one hand, and hours and hours of recovered billable time, on the other. Its billing capacity is quite impressive, too, with both summary and detailed invoice formats available, allowing for a good deal of customization. No need any more to collect time sheet forms filled in by hand by your employees. ETT will produce a number of nicely formatted time sheets that will fit your needs this way or another.

The best part is the program has been designed to make your time easy using it, with most of its features never deeper than the skin depth. Whoever you are, CEO of a large corporation or tourist agency manager, ETT will never fail you as it helps you manage the most precious of all resources – time.

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